Rusty Nutz Car Club

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Future Leaders of America:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out -- Dr. Seuss
It is up to us to encourage the young folks of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.. LL


Pit Crew Youth Administrator

My dream car is a 1969 dodge charger with a Chevy 350 V8 engine with NOS and fuel injected blower. Silver chrome rims and flat black paint.( Like the one from the fast and the furious). Stick shift.


Pit Crew Youth Secretary

My Dream Car is a Chrysler 300, the grill is really cool, when I first get in the Car and start the engine it runs so smooth, you can forget you had the car running.

Never Forget!!!
Chicken Dance Like There IS No Tomorrow...

The Rusty Nutz Pit Crew, run by the youth themselves, will play an important role in the club.  Their focus is to build a strong foundation of confidence within each and every member.  In order to achieve that goal the Rusty Nutz Members will guide them through the learning process of different skills not only in automotive, but also in education and life skills. We will consider each member's knowledge and experience to determine if the Pit Crew members will benefit. If so, we will invite members to share with the youth in hopes to encourage an interest.  Rusty Nutz Car Club will also mentor the Pit Crew into giving back to the community.  Our Pit Crew Administrator is currently a member of the Girl Scouts in which they are active in community outreach programs and social involvement along with life skills development.  They volunteer with non-profit organizations with a goal to build a better community. 

Wheels or no Wheels, it can be driven.....

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