RustyNutz Happenings RustyNutz Happenings Not so green pastures The 53' had such high hopes... it's been put out to pasture with nothing but it's dreams of becoming famous. But have no fear, Rusty Nutz is here. With our guidance this bad boy will be cruising the streets of Riverside in no time.... well maybe a little bit of time.. 199189626 ole red and white this 84' chevy .... nough said!!! 199189628 Rainy's 1970 Mintylac this mintylac is mintylicious... just look at this gorgeousness. America's next top model? Sleek and clean while giving you a smooth ride. Back off boys, this lac is spoken for... 199189630 201732800 The Cruiser 3rd owner of this Quazy Qurizer, Quintin, now at a ripe old age of 1 and able to drive, has brought his factory stock little tykes car to the Legend (aka grandpa) to turn it into a one of a kind masterpiece. Be on the lookout for Quintin, he might be small, but he sure is fierce. 199189631 The Dr. is in... our club in action.. this is what we like to see, cars being brought back to life... 200411412 Point Proven Duct Tape cam fix anything..... 200412503 Sarah on the Move 201916978 Sarah On the Move 201916979 Sarah and the Butterfly 201916980