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Rusty Nutz Car Show Recap...

Our first annual car show with RCA was so amazing!!  We here at Rusty Nutz always like to give our first thanks to God. For with him all things are possible.  A huge shout out to Simple Riders Car Club for bringing out their cars to support this awesome event. Rubidoux High School's Route 66 Car Club handmade some pretty awesome trophies. Can't forget to thank Tiny, not only is he head of security but he also has an amazing team of people willing to come out on a rainy day to make this car show a success for all of us.  Pastor Drew and his dodgeball expertise hosted the most intense tournament ever.  EJ Brown, coming in at only 13 years of age won the championship medal.  Having an arm like the  pros, can take you out in a single throw. Frank Rizzo (owner of SOS Apparel) was a major competitor in the dodgeball tournament, his perserverance paid off and won him the headhurnters medal.  Apparently this is the medal of all medals and earns you bragging rights.  Double G Dump Trucking made some pretty cool t-shirts for the childrens dodgeball winners.   Our technical asvisors and master mechanics Swen and Tippy from Tippy's Tow brought out their classics to show their support for our car club and the youth programs we support.  Miss Timel from Adam's Motorsports is such an inspiration, took time from her busy schedule to help us organize this car show.  Many Many thanks Timel!!!  I also want to thank Coach Victor, My Butterfly house, Jessica Perez Fitness, Fruit in the Heart, VCA, the people in the community, But mostly to my mom, dad,  my daughter, and Gar from Gar Consulting without them I would not be able to do this. 
Do you ever have those days when your 710 is just lost... Well come out to our Friday Nights Shop Talk and we will help you find it.  We hang out at 4075 Twining St. Riverside, Ca 92509 from 6pm to 8pm. BBQ, frisbee, football, and just good company. Bring your friends, bring your family, oh and bring your car. See ya there.

Spotlight of the Month

Swen learned how to drive when he was 9 years old; self taught there isn't anything he can't drive, fix or crash... he specializes at driving on two wheels, both on the same side... Gasp!!! Swen has many many stories about cars and how he drove or purposely crashed them.  When you meet him, be sure to ask about how many cars he went through.  He has been a Master Mechanic his whole life even while in the Air Force serving our fine Country...

Swen continues to honor his fellow veterans with a bi-yearly reunion held at his own house. 

He also continues to share his love of cars with his children and grandchildren.  Ensuring they know the safety mechanics of the car and how to check them.  Swen has graciously volunteered to be not only one of the Rusty Nutz master mechanics, but also our technical adviser where other children learning to drive

can ask questions on the how too's of car maintenance.  

Education is something that can be given, yet can never be taken away....Confucius Gar

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