Rusty Nutz Car Club

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Founder, Lisa L, daughter of Master Mechanic Swen and mother of 3rd generation car affectionado Alyssa; wanted to have a car club where your car didn't have to be 90% complete when you joined. They wanted to have a car club where anyone; male, female or martian could get together and share ideas, help each other out attend car related events and create fun outings for everyone involved, including children. Lisa at the ripe old age of high school, found a love for cars when instructed by Swen to disassemble her first car (1972 super beetle VW) motor. She went out back and a couple hours later the motor was laid out in pieces on the concrete... and as her desire for automobiles grew, she sensed the only way to truly enjoy these labor of love vehicles; was to have more people involved that is when Rusty Nutz Car Club was born!

Bus ride to the Nellis Air Force Base Air Show.  Great day playing on all the planes. Getting the opportunity to show Alyssa the B-52 which grandpa (Swen) was crew chief back in the 60's and 70's.  Thunder Birds--- Amazing.  Shout out to all the military personnel past, present, and future. May God always be watching over you. Thank you for giving the rest of us peace of mind knowing we are safe on your watch...

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